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digital lentz
Digital Lentz
Digital Lentz is a social-first digital shop that focuses on storytelling across platforms. We build creative campaigns from insights gained through micro-content we produce, ultimately driving actual business results. We live and breathe emerging tech, and we are always growing.

Monolog Hati
Rindu lagi!
Semua catatan ini aku buat tanpa kau sempat membaca. Niat aku satu hari nanti baru ingin ku hadiahkan semua tinta ini... tapi sayang hasrat aku tergantung disini... Benarlah.... kita hanya mampu merancang tapi Allah sebaik-baik perancang... mesti ada hikmah disebalik semua ini. Aku redha... walau ada rasa terkilan dijiwa.... Buat Penumpang hati... aku memang mengerti apa yg kau cuba sampaikan... kau sangat dan terlalu sayangkan aku... tak ada yang dapat menggantikan rasa mu pada ku... aku mengerti sangat mengerti cuma aku simpan dalam-dalam dihati ku... Allah... Air mata turunlah semahu mu.... Ada waktu Bahasa itu bukan dari lafaz bicara Tapi Dari hati Dari mata itu ada lafaz tersimpan Yang tak mampu kita huraikan Dan rindu Juga bahasa Bicara hati yang tak mampu kita coretkan Santun bicara mu Ku bawa hingga detik nafas akhir ku

madelle abapial
i'm back
it's the first time after almost 7 years where i visited my blog. it even got deactivated due to inactivity. people are busy with fb and forgot how writers do stories. now their story is about everything about lives. ive had tumblr few years ago where i write my feeling but i deleted it since ive had few sensitive stories which i no longer want to remember. but here i am again going back to my old hobby... that is writing. ive read what i wrote before and their were some grammatical errors. all writing without editing :D here i am 7 years ago, married to ivan. he is the man i mentioned about from my first blog entry. yeah its a dream come true, i cant even recall those times. what i remembered is that i have prayed a lot for him to be mine. we have been together for 10 years now that is married for 6 years. we got married after 3 years of living together. we are trying to have kids but still nothing. i think its me. my body is not capable of bearing a child because of some health... (more)

Poetic Words and Their Translation
I found a site where poetry in Spanish is translated. This site is found at There are various poems and the translations are written below them. There are some interesting activities you can do with these poems. First of all, read the poems in Spanish. Can you understand the gist of the poems without the translation? See how much you can understand by reading the poem in Spanish. Then read the translation and see if you are right. If it is too difficult, try to see if you can understand some of the words instead. Were you able to define the words? Another thing you can do is focus on the words that poets use in poetry. These are called poetic words. Write down the words separately in a column on a piece of paper. Look at the English translation and see if you can learn the meaning of the words. Try to memorize a few of them. You may not be able to memorize all of them, but collecting the words may help you focus on them. You can also... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
Best to you
This week has been a bit of an odd one but I know next week will be busy af so the last thing I'll want to do is write about this one as well! Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I felt horrible (which I now realise is because my vitamin B12 hadn't had time to sink in yet) so I really didn't do much at all, and then on Wednesday there was an attack on Parliament... It's weird because in years to come I can say that I was there in the biggest terror attack (seeing as no motive has been firmly established I am cautious about using the word terror) since 7/7. We were going to go for a cigarette but an MP rushed and started shouting at us, and we thought it was a joke but it was an actual terror attack and we were watching it on the BBC. We were cooped up until 8pm and it was boring af but we sat in Stephen Timms' office and had biscuits and wine so that made it a bit more bearable, and actually getting out was an absolute nightmare! It took ages and I had to get an uber to the pub that I was... (more)

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